Safe Communities

An essential element of growth and development for individuals and organizations is safety.  Safe spaces result from informed prevention not reaction to disruptive events.  For communities, schools, and school districts, the P3 approach to safety is grounded in respect for individuals and groups, the use of cutting edge technology and techniques, development of policy and budgets for sustained improvements, and collaboration with all constituents.  Our team can help you develop a safe, secure environment.

Safety Plans and Audits

The P3 Strategies team will work with you to craft plans to keep you, your employees, students and community members safe.  The plans include, but are not limited to, emergency management, building security, bus surveillance, and event safety. 


We use state-of-the-art digital tools to track and monitor incidents.  We assist in developing safety zones in communities and around schools. 

Investigations, Search and Seizure

The P3 Strategies team provides professional collection of information into incidents.  We locate weapons, contraband, and provocative literature that threaten youth development. 


We investigate electronic bullying and illicit relationships in schools.


Gang Intervention and Training

The P3 Strategies team can provide prevention strategies and techniques that ensure safety for all constituents in schools and communities

Police-Community Relations, Policy, and Budget Development

The P3 Strategies team will establish protocols that reduce the school to jail transition and incidents