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Campaign Management


Our campaign management services include general consulting, management, staffing and grassroots organizing.  We consult with clients to design a comprehensive campaign plan to develop a strategy to victory.  Our plans integrate community engagement, field, and organization building.  P3 Strategies provides budget tracking and management.

Grassroots  Organizing

Building a grassroots organization takes time and resources, but when done correctly organizations meet their goals.  P3 Strategies works with clients to build grassroots organizations in a structure specific to the client's goals and needs.  Our grassroots organizing program is a turnkey system that starts with list building and recruiting volunteers, continuing through leadership development and goal setting.   With years of experience, we have developed the best tools and systems to run a successful program.  We can help with targeted organizing in communities of particular importance to our clients.  This includes building organization among youth, African American, Latino and AAPI communities. 



P3 Strategies has a strong history in grassroots organizing.  We know that recruitment is the lifeblood for any good campaign. Over the years we have implemented countless field plans, direct voter contact programs, grassroots organizing and coalition building.  To ensure voter turnout, we work with your campaign for the 2-4 weeks prior to election day using every method of vote contact.

Campaign Management

The P3 Strategies team can craft a campaign staffing plan, recruit key personnel including campaign management, finance, field, volunteer and human resources professionals.  Additionally, we can provide training for new staff, interns and volunteers.

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