Using Tableau Online for Accelerated Student Achievement at Hattiesburg PSD

Tableau gave us a lens to see who the student really is (part 1)

Bringing real data into the classroom (part 2)

K-12 Data Analytics

Since the beginning of the accountability era in education, there has been no "real time data" (access to data within 24 hours of it being archived in a data warehouse) available to practitioners. And when data did become available, there were no analytics. Visualization did not exist. There was no possibility of tagging or highlighting challenging patterns for individuals or groups of students. Consistently, education practitioners confuse the flat file reporting of student information systems with a data dashboard and the use of analytics continues to be absent from schools and school districts.

Dashboard Gallery

Dashboard Solution

The P3 data dashboard system will aggregate, disaggregate, cross reference and put into categories individual, groups and sub-groups of student test data so that instruction can be adjusted and targeted. Among the myriad virtues of the P3 data dashboard system, this is one of the most powerful for classroom instruction.

What is reported to parents, potential employers, and or college admission officers must reflect what students have done over the 12 or 13 years of their pre-collegiate schooling. The data from prior years is more instructive and compelling then what might be determined from a single, end of course test score. No less important is the need to equip education practitioners with a common intelligence about the work they do jointly and individually. Conversations about schools and students must be data rich and decisions made about and for key constituents in school communities can no longer be anecdotal. There is too much at stake to not have robust data analytics at the fingertips of education practitioners.

Behavior Data
Behavior Data

Formative Assessment
Formative Assessment

Assessment Growth
Assessment Growth

Behavior Data
Behavior Data


Growth Accountability

As the demands of accountability become more and more high stakes for students, their teachers, and administrators, the capacity to determine student and school growth becomes essential.

The rigid boundaries of NCLB and state accountability systems have failed to credit the growth of students and schools - a fundamental principle of a high quality education. It is vital that schools and school districts employ data analytics to track and monitor student growth from the time they are in Pre-Kindergarten classes until they graduate from high school. And, the tracking and monitoring of student and school growth cannot be limited to test scores. Every data point that is collected and archived for a student must be a part of the professional judgments made about their growth and development - similar to medical records or a stock portfolio.

Historical Data

The P3 data dashboard system includes dashboards that integrate historical and current data into a single dashboard, making the accessibility for school and district leaders to access such powerful data only a touch away. P3 Strategies provides dashboard development and the necessary backend database normalization work required to build visualizations that include historical data. We normalize large historical datasets and develop dashboards that render millions of data points in seconds on web browsers and tablet devices.

The ability to fetch historical data on-demand and view it next to current data is a game changer for school principals and the leadership teams that work with students and parents. For instance, historical views of student performance
on state accountability exams makes it possible to identify patterns and trends that signal a student's need for intervention support. Similarly, historical views of attendance and behavior data inform all conversations about a student's academic performance and what might be done to accelerate his/her achievement.

Our Partners

Cutting edge solutions require cutting edge partnerships. That belief is at the core of our partnership with Tableau Software, Rapid Insight, RANDA and Rackspace. These multinational organizations are at the top of their game. 

Tableau Software offers the most flexible business intelligence platform on the market. Their commitment to excellence and unparalleled skills combined with P3's knowledge of the education landscape and the importance of integrating technology and education create a formidable partnership. This partnership has the potential of transforming education.


Randa framework supports the collection and aggregation of expansive and disparate education analytics. Reports that are timely, more accurate, truly meaningful, accessible and secure. Randa has developed several patent-pending intellectual properties surrounding mobile applications in an education setting. These are currently being applied in large metropolitan school systems to small rural districts, to schools across the globe. 

Rapid Insight® Analytics allows us to quickly find relationships in a data and build predictive models. This powerful analytics technology automates the model building process, empowering decision makers of all types without the need for teams of programmers and statisticians.