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Our Services

P3 Strategies devotion to professionalism, the use of relevant research and data and its capacity to nurture critical relationships are keys to its success. P3 Strategies customizes its products and services to meet the client's needs and the condition requiring advancement.
Management Consulting

The P3 Strategies team provides Strategic Planning, Executive Coaching and Transitional Planning to school districts, non-profits, businesses and individuals. 


Campaign Management

The P3 Strategies team understands the integral role grassroots advocacy plays in influencing public policy.   We assist clients in building a grassroots organization structured to their specific resources, assets, goals and needs. Our experienced team of community organizers assist clients with list building and recruiting volunteers, continuing through leadership development and goal setting.  We are particularly adept at organizing nontraditional groups like youth, African-American and Latino populations.    

Government Relations /Public Affairs

The P3 Strategies team is comprised of individuals with extraordinary relationships with lawmakers on the local, state and federal levels.  These relationships coupled with the deep knowledge of how to get things done gives us a distinct advantage in advancing our clients legislative and regulatory goals.

Data Analytics

The P3 Data Dashboard Solution will aggregate, disaggregate, cross reference, and put into categories individual, group, and sub-groups of student test data so that instruction can be adjusted and targeted. Among the myriad virtues of the P3 data dashboard system, this is one of the most powerful for classroom instruction.

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