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MERC Leadership Academy

MERC Leadership Academy

The MERC Leadership Academy is a series of topical intensive, one-day seminars intent on providing school based leadership teams with information and skills essential to understanding, managing, and leading change and accelerating student and school achievement.  




Seminar Précis:

Politics of Public Education in Mississippi


A primer on the history of the performance of public education in Mississippi, related legislation, state and local funding of public education, and the roles of MDE and local school boards



Curriculum and Instructional Design


An introduction to ideas on digital content and pedagogy for deeper understanding and achievement; becoming a high performing, high achieving school

Education and Economic Development in Mississippi

A review of the relationship between education and economic development in the state and local communities with emphasis on developing human capital for building and sustaining an economic engine for the state and local communities


Eliminating Low Performing Schools


A primer for education leaders on how to turnaround chronically low performing schools and sustaining the achievement growth once it is achieved; becoming a ‘B’ district when a low accountability ranking is no longer acceptable


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