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Government Relations/ Public Affairs


The P3 Strategies team has intensive on the ground experience managing issues and key relationships.  Our deep knowledge into local, state and federal governments informs our work as we craft and execute strategies that assist our clients in navigating the complex legislative and regulatory challenges they encounter.

Strategic Communications

The P3 Strategies team of communications experts works with clients to develop a comprehensive communication plan that includes message development, crisis management and media monitoring.


The P3 Strategies team provides analytical and politically informed lobbying that gets the client's message and positions clearly and effectively to policy makers. They are veterans of the process who understand the people and the politics involved in shaping key issues. Most important, the P3 Strategies team operates on a foundation of trust and integrity upon which elected officials can depend in shaping policy and legislation.

Public  Policy

The P3 Strategies team is comprised of state and nationally renowned experts on Early Childhood, K-12 and Health Policy.   P3 Strategies partners with individuals and organizations to change their communities through involvement, influence and impact.


P3 Strategies team members are  involved in advocacy because they have a passion for involvement that improves our society, especially involving the lives and opportunities for children. Effective advocacy must be informed and strategic, but it also must have commitment to the ideals it seeks to promote. P3 Strategies team members work for positive change in all that they do. It is core to P3's purpose and goals.

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