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Our Mission


The mission of P3 Strategies, LLC is to enhance the quality of life for all children and their communities.  We partner with schools and districts, non-profits, for-profits, business and government to accelerate achievement for students and schools.  We advocate for policies and programs that advance health, education and the well-being of all children.  We communicate information to multiple constituents. And, we assist our clients integrate real-time data into their programs and services.  A devotion to social justice and civil society undergirds all of our work.

Our Values

  • We are committed to doing commerce with a conscience

  • We deliver products and services that are consequential

  • We develop creative, cutting edge solutions to new and old challenges

  • We share accountability for what we do and how we do it

  • We will do no harm

Our Customer Focus

We provide products and services that enable our clients to achieve their goals and objectives.  We listen to, learn from and study the client's landscape.  We seek to become internal team members working in partnership to identify solutions, craft strategies and oversee implementation of what we build together.  We identify and build upon our customer's strengths.  We view every challenge as an opportunity.  Data, historical trends, thought leadership and imagination inform our work.  We provide high quality products and services at affordable prices.  We respect the wisdom and courage of our client's decision to employ P3 Strategies in their efforts to improve their work.  And, we are patient with our client's pursuit of the strategies and tactics that match their organizational need. 

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